Monday, September 11, 2006

Work Arounds

Scott Lay of suggests using their BlogScan feature to access old CMR content.

And speaking of CMR content: A few minutes out of the state and I feel like I'm playing catch-up even on news that broke after I returned. One such story - the much hyped Schwarzenegger tape where he makes, uh, comments that are bad or biased or dumb or something about some legislators.

But what's interesting is the coverage I've seen of the issue that seem to seek desperately to find something bawdier than what's actually there. Not that I condone the Governor's statements - I've only listend once and not that intently - so I'm not commenting on that either way.

But as the "ooh, look what he said" aspect fails to gain traction, the admin is still firing back with charges of hacking. Undeterred by the traction issue, CMR types fire back at the back firing with another process story on how the hacking process story is trumped up. Still following?

Yeah, neither are the voters.

Extra amusing, the now predictable CMR comments war on the subject involving New West Notes's Bill Bradley who is unfailingly particular about how he is quoted and described and may be the man least capable of being anything other than the provider of the last word in any given discussion. Full disclosure: I don't read New West Notes, but I tend to agree with certain critics who say his writing seems out of place on sites like Rough & Tumble. If you paid attention to the above-linked exchange, this evening's CMR post headline "UPDATE: CMR Confident Schwarzenegger Tape Available on Public Server" is laugh-out-loud funny. I mean that in the best possible way as a student of comedy. Really, it's brilliant. Stop it, I'm not being sarcastic, dammit.

The goes sentence-by-sentence through an admin press release to preserve it's news-breaking cred from earlier today. There's a somewhat tortured explanation of a sentence involving the phrase "password protected area."

CMR's confidence is great, but without more information, they dance on a fine line of looking silly if this was a hack or looking overly cautious if they can really nab some MSM coverage for breaking and proving the legal, easily obtained file came from lousy system administration within the Horseshoe.

I give 1000 bonus points for the closing line, however: "This would also be consistent with our skepticism of the claim that the tape was obtained through an "illegal hack," as we would have expected more damaging information to be released if a hacker had access to everything on the Governor’s private server."

There could be some legs to this process process story - if Bradley would can the constant "no you're wrong to infinity" type comments and CMR could just say what it wants to say.

Damn, guess I'm only adding to the process process here. This post is a process process process post.

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