Tuesday, September 26, 2006

This Guy Hit Every Hatorade Station On The Course

Reader AL points out this gem of a self-absorbed condemnation of newbie marathon runners.

How lacking in confidence must you be to assume your sub 3-hour marathon time is made less valuable by someone else's over-6?



Anonymous said...

I guess he prefers the image of fat Americans eating burgers to one of healthy folk improving their lives.

I've never run a marathon but I imagine it's a hell of a push to finish it, let alone finish quickly.

Oh and does he realise the runners in the costumes are not only making things harder for themselves, but actually raising charity money in these high-profile events?


Anonymous said...

well, i will say that - despite almost every commenter on the article's host site citing the health benefits of running, weight-loss specifically, i think crediting solely marathoning as a way to lose weight may mislead.

i also believe there is some medical truth to the argument that 6-months of training for complete novices does present an large risk for injury and possible permanent joint damage. some programs are better than others at properly educating new runners.

back to the weight-loss side of things: i'm not sure what training for a marthon would do for someone who used it as a first-front attack against an obesity problem. they probably would lose weight. however, those long runs once you get further into the training take a lot out of you that you should and will want to replace, calorie wise. my absolute FAVORITE part of marathon training was going home to hear my mother say "gosh, i expected to have to try to cram food down your throat because you'd be so skinny from all that running."

yeah, not so much.

cardio-vascularly, however, running is stil great and while I bet the huffing and puffing is what makes people think they can't run distance, developing stronger, better breathing comes faster than you'd think - at least in my experience.

but the end evaluation remains the same regardless of the actual weight lost by a new marathoner: the guy who wrote that article is an arse.