Saturday, September 09, 2006

See, Told You So

So the feds have confirmed that those damned hybrids are clogging our carpool lanes.

There won't be a ban, necessarily. But I will continue to say that allowing hybrids access to carpool lanes badly mauls otherwise sound public policy.

Hybrid sales certainly aren't slow - so why incentivize them further? And if we're going to spend public resources on hybrid incentives, shouldn't we aim those efforts at, like, auto makers?

And there's even a bill to raise the number of hybrid decals issued. Stop the madness!

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Anonymous said...

Although the hybrid car is a step in the right direction I don't see that it's a solution. The increase in mileage only really brings the petrol engine up to about the same mpg as a good modern diesel. One wonders how much more energy, than a simple petrol engine, is used making a complex hybrid, with it extra batteries, electric motor, gearboxes and control electronics.
I think that it show some concern for the people who make these policies but I think that they need to be a little more informed about the choices. In the end this is a simple, no cost, idea that shows they care but does not go to tackle the real problem of getting more people from A to B than can fit on the current roads. Investment in public transport and education in alternatives such as home working or walking !
That is all for now as I have to get the tram to work now. (Retires stage left smugly!)