Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Buzz Wonk Buzz

One of the highlights of the new CMR - and I'm thinking I'll start calling it the CMaR since there's still a longer running Capitol Morning Report that could and does go by CMR - is the return - well, second installment, of Jason Kinney's This Week In The Echo Chamber.

The Echo Chamber hits the exact tone a conventional blog should. Sure, it still lacks the kind of links to source material or related articles that would make it all the better, but Kinney is funny - his bright, energetic diction makes the politicking go down so much more easily.

Much credit for highlighting the most amusing political ads this season: Poochigian's headless horsement of the coming Jerry Brown apocolypse. Why are they headless? And why are they around a water cooler?

My only complaint: his first item addresses Angelides's promise to fight for the withdrawal of CA National Guard serving in Iraq. Kinney says "Message-starved partisan Democrats weep with wonky joy."

Depends on how you define "wonky." There are message wonkies I suppose. I think wonk, I think policy, which means admitting when campaign lines are just that. And though I HATE that the Reeps have lept on it so fast, Jack Pitney is right:

"[quoting] John J. Pitney Jr. on the National Review Online blog -- The Sacramento Bee reports: "Democratic gubernatorial challenger Gov. Phil Angelides promised Saturday `to do everything in my power' to bring California National Guard troops home from Iraq if he is elected governor." He'd face three obstacles. The first is Article II of the Constitution, which makes the president the commander-in-chief of "the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States." The second is a federal law forbidding governors from withholding consent to National Guard activation "because of any objection to the location, purpose, type, or schedule of such active duty." The third is a Supreme Court decision upholding that law..."
(That's from a soundbite from a Reep campaign listed in the Morning Report yesterday - which is both password protected and without archives. Can't find the blog post link, but will keep looking.)

I still feel message starved, but good try.

And good report, Mr. Kinney.

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