Sunday, August 27, 2006

Three Thoughts On The Emmy Awards

1.) Isn't it kinda better that Barry Manilow beat Stephen Colbert because how much better will Colbert be in defeat than in victory?

Update: And at 10:10pm. Colbert starts milking it - "I lost to the Copacabana." Yes, at the copa, Lola lost her love, money, and mind; Colbert lost his Emmy.

2.) Cheeks: shouldn't they, like, move while one speaks? Or moves? Angel Kate looks like yet another plastic surgery catwoman - but it's unfair to call her out among so very much company. Ick. Just plain ick.

3.) Conan is great. If he and Jon Stewart could only reproduce - they'd birth a comic genius which could be matched only be the equally unnaturally gifted offspring of a Bonnie Hunt, Tina Fey breeding. Hmm, maybe the four of them could just work something out and match things up that way.

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