Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Pre-Show

The buzz generated by tonight's launch party for the new blue blog California Majority Report might be all that's needed to ensure blog success. For all I know, the other bloggers in attendance rushed home to post, brimming with anticipation and excitement inspired by the newbies' press conference this afternoon. Or by the sight of so many former Davis staffers in one place they were operating on the morale-boosting thought of a horseshoe coup and a Davis Restoration.

There's just one problem.

The site doesn't launch until midnight.

Personally, I have a day job that discourages under-desk napping. I'm not sure I'll make it to the launch.

But let's review the story so far: Steve Maviglio, Roger Salazar,and Jason Kinney (oh, I'm not playing favorites with the linkage, I just can't find really on-point URLs for the other guys), recognizing that Dems are traditionally (uh, as much as you can have "tradition" in a months old tradition of relevant blogging) viewed as behind the times when it comes to blogging pool their combined 8000 years of political PR experience and set out to create the Democratic answer to Jon Fleischman's FlashReport. The guys say the idea first crept up in February, but took some time to incubate and create given they all have fairly high profile and time-consuming day jobs.

Maviglio, Salazar, and Kinney - joined by counterpoint Fleischman - held a brief press availability this afternoon before an handful of reporters and bloggers on the steamy patio at The Park.

Kinney opened by explaining that the new blog will seek to bridge the schism between "grassroots" online activists and those who are "practicing politics." Practitioners and activists, together at last. It's like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup: a combination whose time has come.

There's only one rule for the site: posts just need to have something to do with the Capitol and California politics - oh and they should be candid. No flackery please. Or at least they want it kept to a minimum, I'm guessing. It's sort of like Metroblogging in its simple, just-stay-in-the-arena philosophy. One difference, however: they pay their editors.

Don't know how much, but if it's a positive integer, I'd say it's not bad.

And the party: Like moths to a flame, the entire GGD horseshoe turned out and crammed onto the sweltering Park patio. The last time I'd seen some of those faces was at the Biltmore in 2003 where they were a decidedly tearier bunch. After an hour or so of generalized mingling, Jason Kinney thanked various electeds in attendance and introduced Gray Davis who referenced his own forthcoming webs project and congratulated those involved with the new site. He might have said something else, but the rowdy crowd fluttering around the bar at the back of the patio found their conversations far more interesting than the former Governor's and spoke straight through GGD's poorly amplified remarks. And the Speaker's for that matter: a slightly ballsy choice on a small patio during critical end-of-session-lobbying season. But whatever. The food was plentiful and the wine flowed and folks seemed generally happy to be there.

But will an A-list party translate to A-level stats? Only time, and the quality of the actual, site will tell. There site already boasts a lot of talented writers and thinkers - but will it be blog magic or a blog bust? And what about the name? It's safe to predict a California Majority for at least another two years, but, well, hubris anyone? I wouldn't even have thought of it, except there was that book that one time about Congress called "Congress' Permanent Minority?" It was published in the summer of 1994. I'm just sayin' . . . .

I eagerly await the ability to check out this bad boy's content. I wish them all luck and welcome them to the neighborhood.

To confirm: Yeah, midnight is too late for this 11pm Pumpkin. Can't wait to check it - and the accompanying coverage - out in the morning.

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