Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Phoblog Exclusive: Cutest Baby Discovered

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When Phoblographer* isn't covering hot political controversy or policy conflicts, it's best to use the site for pure, unadulterated bragging.

My nephew is the cutest. baby. ever.

Look at that happy little face. I don't care if they don't technically smile for weeks or months even. I don't care if it's just gas. You can't tell me he doesn't look like a happy baby. That's a goofy little smile.

I discovered two things this weekend upon meeting Liam Adler for the first time: 1) While trying to appease him until his mother came back in the room to feed him, I offered Liam the tip of my finger to suck. Man, babies can suck. You could lose a nail. 2) Love at first sight happens. I could have, and in fact did, sit and just look at him for hours. He wasn't doing anything except uttering the infrequent coo or fluttering his arms about, but just looking at him was the most satisfying and fulfilling thing I've done since . . . well, in a really, really long time.

P.S. The kid looks great in the little CMC hat I got him. A Stag is born.

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