Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dang It, Lieberman

As if your laughable post-loss talking points weren't enough to deal with, now you have me linking to Arianna Huffington's site.

But she has a point.

To be fair, not everything Joe Lieberman has been saying is nonsensical or migraine-inducing. For instance, he told the AP that he thinks it would be "inconsistent with his principles" to leave the field of play. Lieberman loves taking out insurance policies on his political future - regardless of the cost to say, I don't know, say, the party that has kept him gainfully employed for, like, ever.

This morning I stood slack-jawed at the gym reading Matt Lauer's closed-captioned interview with the soon-to-be-Former (we hope) Senator as he waxed endlessly about how and why he would continue this fight; played the expectations-card.

All I could think was: wow.

To win in politics you really do have to be able to look yourself in the mirror, the camera in the lens, and say anything. Doesn't mesh with what you swore just a year or so before? Doesn't matter. Don't even try to explain it, just keep repeating the new story and don't blink. Does what you have to say bear zero connection to reality? Don't worry about it! Just keep saying it. Stick to the line.

Losing sucks. It hurts. It's humiliating. But it happens and it happened, Mr. Lieberman. Salvage a shred of honor and walk away.

You're just embarrassing yourself. You're embarrassing your country. And we certainly don't need any more help with that.

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