Friday, July 28, 2006

Things That Make You Go Hmmm

Like this gem collected by The Roundup, regarding Mayor Villaraigosa's reluctance to officially endorse fellow Democrat Phil Angelides:

"Nearly two months after he won his party's nomination for governor and many of the state's leading Democrats endorsed him, Phil Angelides has yet to secure Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's blessing," write Duke Helfand and Mark Z. Barabak in the Times.

"Villaraigosa says publicly that he is holding off for now because he needs to secure bipartisan support in Sacramento for legislation that would give him control of the Los Angeles public schools." . . .

"'So what I've said to Phil, and he's good with that, is that after this is over, of course I'm going to be with the Democrat,' Villaraigosa said Thursday."
And we in politics sometimes wonder why the general public has so little patience for us. Can someone please explain to me why officially saying you'll officially say something later doesn't work to effect the same kind of outcome of which you're afraid already? A real head-scratcher . . . .

Then again, at least you can't bash the mayor for being inconsistent when it comes to standing shoulder-to-shoulder with other Democratic candidates. (See: Hahn, Jim)

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