Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Suck it, California

Whoa, hey, not my advice - apparently, it's Govenor Schwarzenegger's advice to Californians melting under record heat. Let them eat popsicles, says the Governor, whom the LAT reports requests all rooms in which he sits be kept at an icy - and energyific - 60 degrees.

Unfortunately, CYD heard this advice and ate it right up.

Note to the Governor: you may want to watch it while the CYD Communications Director has nothing to do but mark your every move.

Time for my nightly otter pop, post over.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I followed the advice and went to the local Safeway to buy some pops and they were OUT! A small sign on the frosty glass display case said, "Due to extreme heat in Southern California all frosty treats have been requisitioned by FEMA to allieve the suffering of the So-Cal populace". What gives?

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmm Otterpops!!