Saturday, July 08, 2006

Early Endorsement

Thanks to reader Steve for passing along this gem of a shirt that supports candidates who would likely garner a frightening number of votes:

Of course, I can't buy this shirt because it's printed on an American Apparel product (both men's and women's seem to be). But it's a hoot anyway.


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with american apparel? No union bug?

-Mobile Tokyo

Anonymous said...

What's okay with American Apparel? No, they aren't union, and that doesn't help, though if they afford their workers fair wages, good working conditions, etc, then they could get a pass on that.

What is particularly repulsive about AA is the owners attitude towards women - especially his female employees with whom, newspapers have reporter, he freely and frequently has sex (and they are ALL completely fine with it, naturally, except the ones who've filed lawsuits), his cutting-edge advertising style involves kiddie-porn-esque shots of vapid looking, junkie-fied, barely legally appearing girls (and sometimes guys), and he does ALL of this in the name of fashion and inspiration.

His brilliant fashion innovation? Let's make the shirts 3 sizes smaller than our competitors Hanes or Beefy-Ts! Let's make tube socks! Then, let's open some store fronts where we can sell the $1 items for like a billion % more! The kids will LOVE it.

And yes, personally, I am fairly bothered by the fact that while in most shirts - from tailored to t-shirt - I am a solid M gal, in American Apparel, I'm an XL if it fits at all.

And p.s. don't wash the shirt because then it gets even smaller.

Crap quality, crap sizing, and exploitive behavior and advertising doesn't get excused by a well PR-ed "vertically integrated" in "downtown LA" tag.

I've had this fight with AA employees over at MBSF as well. They're response to my critique? I'm clearly uncomfortable with my sexuality I don't "get it" when it comes to their marketing strategy, I'm just not cool enough not to be offended by their ads. If I just visited their PR department, I was told, I would see firsthand that their PR peeps aren't bad people.

I never said they were bad people. I said their products and the methods by which they sell them are repulsive. Period.

That's what's wrong with american apparel.

Anonymous said...

holy hot damn. and here I thought they ere a responsible ststeside textiles employers

(mobile tokyo)