Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dumb Blog-related Statements

From this morning's Capitol Morning Report an item on Bill Bradley - the political blogger apparently only loosely affiliated with LA Weekly and who, much to the frustration of some friends of mine, is included on Rough & Tumble as an actual news source - includes the following explanation of a "blog:"

A blog is simpler to operate and more flexible than a web page, but, like a page, is accessible to anyone surfing the web.
The explanation, included in a blurb about how Bradley now gets to keep his own ad revenue, revenue formerly going to LA Weekly, is just stupid. First off, as part of a none-too-subtle hint that y'all are free to start advertising with him, it assume Capitol MR readers are web-stupid.

And second, a blog is a web page. A blog isn't a different form of web interface. It's not some new beast. It's a web site. Just a web site. By any other name it would smell as sweet and serve the same purpose.

Just a pet peeve. Rant over.

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