Wednesday, July 19, 2006


The British are melting! The British are melting!

Ill-Equipped Britain Hit by Heat Wave
You call 96 degrees hot? Puh-lease. We got your hot right here.


Anonymous said...

This is serious - all the chocoate biscuits are melting before we can dip them into our tea.

Anonymous said...

You still don't really understand how it works do you? Most of the time we have nice bland weather, it rains a bit, it a little sunny, a light mist may decend. So when we get something like this where the temperature creaps up a bit or God forbid it snows in the winter, then we come to a stop. We all go to the beach and get a nice shade of pink, our trains break, we do all sorts of comparisons with the temperature of buses compared with the European law for transporting cattle (27C or 80.6F for reference). The papers go wild and print pictures of young ladies "enjoying the sun" and more recently a flurry of comment about global warming. In the snow, we all get in our cars and drive into the nearest snow drift, our trains break, we comaplin about the fact that we have nothing more than some grit to clear the roads with, we are told to "Stay in our homes", and the papers print stories about somebody trapped in thier car for two days with nothing more than some toothpaste to survive on.
Above all we are British which means that we have a compulsion to talk about the weather, but rarley get the chance to say more than "Looks like rain" or "Turned out nice" so a little sun or snow and we are happy as Larry.

Anonymous said...

Its boiling hot in SF, it almost hit 80. Was so hot I had to go home and take a nap...where's the dang fog?