Saturday, June 03, 2006

Timing Is Everything

Dammit - so many good ads about which to comment. Naturally this post would come on the heels of the previous one - but nevermind that. I just learned that the insurance commissioner has a new program to end zip code pricing and that I should visit his website at

I swear I hear that guy's name with regard to something else . . . what was it, what was it . . . .

I won't be posting about primary races, so you won't read any negative comments about creative timing of office-related ads when the office-holder's name appears on the ballot in a few days regardless of it being for a different office nor will you read any comments about the commercial that came approximately 10 spots later featuring the same office-holder but this time in a candidate capacity - but I'm sure someone will take care of it for me.

(Clearly there is going to be an adjustment period here.)

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