Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dog Bites Man News Of The Day

Department of Homeland Security is making things difficult for people trying to follow the law. Crazy thought, isn't it?

According to the article, there are 10,000 or so couples awaiting approval of their fiance visas - approval that been delayed by months because Homeland Security can't get a damn form reprinted with two additional questions mandated by a law that took effect March 6.

The lack of questions on the form means those who have filled out the out-dated form - which was their only option to fill out since the new ones haven't been printed yet - can't possibly be granted their visas because they have turned in incomplete information.

Heartbreak - American style.

(You know what, though, why is this Homeland Security? I thought visas come from the State Department. Free dinner with Phoblog goes to the first immigration law expert, attorneys welcomed, who can explain this muddled system to me and give me the contact information for the exact office at which the buck stops.)


Carl Kolchak said...

It's not the State Department.

Its the USCIS that's responsible for the business of immigration:

It used to be the Justice Department's INS that handled immigration issues. Then the folks at al-Qaeda changed all that.

Anonymous said...

immigration, yes. but visas themselves come from state. at least that's what ICE and State have told us.

so state issues the things, but ICE determines whether you actually get in on the thing.

lovely system.