Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Dear Future Secretary Of State

Regardless of who wins the primary today and the general in November, can I put in a request now? Well, it's a request of both the SoS and my County Registrar/Recorder.

My in-booth voting experience just should not look like this, should it?

Take a look. See those little line I drew to help resolve the confusing, improperly-lined-up bubbles? Now factor in the parallex angle error that would come from standing next to, looking down at the ballot from an angle. I had to hover directly over the ballot and then double check everything by counting the bubbles.

Good thing I have relatively decent eyesight and the patience for such things.

Please get on that.



Anonymous said...

Where did you vote? I didn't know anyone in California was using the punch cards anymore.

Here in Sacramento we get to pretend like we're taking the SAT/LSAT/MBE (pick your poison) and bubble in ovals. I think it's more fun than poking a hole in paper.

Anonymous said...

that's the other thing that got me: the whole point to reform was over the chad thing and no more pokey-pokey in the booth, right?

so we have this inka vote thingy where they swapped the dangerous tack for a blunt stamp.

my vote: this crap is harder to use.