Saturday, June 03, 2006

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

This blog has been rather quiet during the past few months, as you may have noticed (or may not have, due to the slow posting pace). While there's little I enjoy more than tending to this site, graduation, BarBri, the Bar, travel, and life each took their rightful place in the pecking order - and that place was over this blog.

Unfortunately or fortunately - depending on your point of view - the silences may become more frequent, if not permanent. No wait, permanent is a strong word - let's avoid it best we can.

I've stood by my words here - as well as my changes of opinion - and have signed my name to every post I've written. But there was never a question that Phoblographer* would change in character at some point. And there probably wasn't much question the said point would come when I accepted a job in Sacramento. Any job. All jobs.

It's been a hectic and hurried two weeks or so. I returned from Europe, having had a great time (but having failed to help solve a little argument with the US State Department). I found out I passed the bar on the first night of my college reunion. The following Monday I read about, inquired about, and ended up applying for a job. By Friday, I had interviewed for the job. By the following Tuesday afternoon, I had accepted their offer of employment. This morning, I all but inked a lease on shiny new Sacramento digs.

To borrow a friend's words, I am "one lucky bastard." I recognize this and am grateful beyond words for this employment blessing.

Starting in a few weeks, I will be working in-house for a statewide association that shall remain nameless here on the site. The reluctant law student is going to practice law. I never expected this opportunity - but I'm very excited about starting my career in Sacramento. The best things come from following unplanned routes (see e.g.: West Virginia; late law school graduation; Lake Tahoe).

But the blog will change.

It makes me a little sad. But it's okay. It won't go away and it isn't a forbidden project - but discretion is the better part of practice. I can't, and won't, let representing my opinions get in the way of representing my clients.

To my loyal readers, thank you for reading, disagreeing, arguing, linking, emailing, and for helping make this little addiction so satisfying. It's been fun. It's also gotten me through law school and other little bumps along the way.

So, uh, It's not you, it's me. I hope we can still be friends. Please know that the time we've spent together has been meaningful and fulfilling.

Phoblographer* isn't over, but its next phase is TBD at this time.

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Rocky Fernandez said...

Congrats and good luck. It's good having you back in the state