Monday, June 05, 2006

Are You Ready For Some Football?

As this SF Chron article illustrates, Americans, with generally diverse backgrounds, root for diverse teams. It's not that we don't love Team USA - but, historically, our men's team didn't always make it to the big games (or the little ones I guess).

So we have alternative favorites. I like to think it's a way to connect with the world. Growing up with an Italian grandmother, Italy was always a household favorite. In the past, I've flirted with Russia and of course supported my best friend's beloved Croatian team (my best friend's and half my hometown's favorite, that is). Now, England will certainly be on my watch-list as the games heat up.

In 1994, I watched practically every game broadcast since they were held in the US and I was laid up on the couch recovering from knee surgery. And I saw the American women beat China at the Rose Bowl in 2000 - that was a game.

Check out the FIFA World Cup site here - or go straight to the groups and standings here. Geography not so hot? There's a map too.

Teams on my watchlist: USA, Italy, Croatia, England, and perhaps Switzerland because I had such a great time there, and maybe Iran - just for kicks.


Anonymous said...

My official German team jersey is getting off a plane on Wednesday night direct from Frankfurt...I'll be wearing it proudly although Germany will likely struggle this year. Young, not terribly experienced team, but homefield advantage is something you never want to count out...ala USA 1994 and S. Korea 2002. Go Germany!

Oh yeah, when they aren't playing I'll be rooting for the USA. I have to tell you, the 1-0 Germany vs. USA game in 2002 nearly broke my heart...USA out played the whole game and still lost, and I couldn't figure out who to cheer for...let's pray that never happens again.

Anonymous said...

One other things....where are we going to watch the games in Sac? Live?

Streets? Some other bar?

Anonymous said...

ooh - good question! you better get on that.

are they only available via satellite? otherwise i volunteer my new digs for those lucky readers in the sacto area for some footie parties!

i see a plan coming . . . .

Anonymous said...

Try the Bonn Lair on J street too.. Like J and 40th I think.