Sunday, April 30, 2006

Your Bar Fees In Action

Note, if you will, the last sentence in the first paragraph. Technically, I didn't notice that my badge did not contain my registration number because it did, in fact, contain my registration number. There was no file number.

So I hate to question the powers that be, but, well, should I be concerned? This is the kind of detailed letter that doesn't inspire confidence. Plus, combined with the last letter I received - which reminded me that my moral character application needs to pass muster before I could actually get sworn in, and that I had submitted the application, rendering the reminder, uh, pointless - makes me wonder what trees have ever done to the State Bar of California that they must send so many damn repetitive, inapplicable questions.

But really, file numbers? I was pretty attentive to detail during that exam and I had no file number, just a registration number.

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