Friday, April 28, 2006

Watch Your Language

A British music producer who has lived in the US for 16 years (I really must write to ask him how) is releasing spanish-language version of the national anthem.

Sung by an all-star cast, natch.

When I started reading the article, I thought, great idea, afterall, America has no national language. Crazy, I know - my English mates find it unbelievable as well.

But then I came to the part about the accompanying remix that includes lines about US immigration policy, they lost me a little bit:

Among them: "These kids have no parents, cause all of these mean laws ... let's not start a war with all these hard workers, they can't help where they were born."
Even if I agree with that, isn't the alternative language enough to make your point? The extra lines seem inelegant and give people, perhaps, a more legitimate grounds on which to base criticisms of the new interpretation. Just having it in a different language, however, isn't something to take too much of an issue with yet. I think it better makes the point those waving Mexican flags at American rallies are trying to make.

Cue Fox News Reax in 5 . . .4 . . .3 . . .

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