Monday, April 24, 2006

Late, Breaking News: Longtime Fellows Mentor Acquires New Protege

Blame the time difference, or the fact that he arrived a bit earlier than planned, but I totally missed the biggest Building event of the year.

Here is the much belated birth announcement for Sean William Campbell, son of my Fellowship Mentor, Greg Campbell and his wife Janell. This is the longer, uncut version of what appeared in the Morning Report right after the big event. A big congratulations to Greg and Janell - Sean is one lucky kid to have two such fabulous 'rents. And look, the little guy is already busting a move, he's so happy to be here:

Greg Campbell, Director of Special Projects for Speaker Fabian Nunez and his wife Janell, a kindergarten teacher (and active CTA member) are proud to announce the birth of their son Sean William Campbell. Sean was born on March 12, 2006 at 12:15 a.m. Many theories have surfaced as to why he was named Sean William. Some speculate he was named after Shaun Alexander, star running back of his father’s beloved Seattle Seahawks and William Wallace, his father’s all-time favorite movie character (Braveheart). Others speculate that his debonair looks (so says his mother and his nurses) and use of the element of surprise (completely shocking his parents by arriving 6 weeks early) were reminiscent of James Bond and therefore he was named after the true Bond (Sean Connery). It has also been hinted that his small stature (only 4lbs 9ozs and 16 ½ inches at birth) reminded his parents of Lord of the Rings star Sean Astin. But the theory that seems most probable is the belief that he may be destined to be a future leader of the Democratic Party and will be the next S. Willie to dominate the capitol building.

Sean has already displayed some undeniable Democratic credentials. His favorite color is blue. He has become a strong advocate for proper nurse staffing ratios (during his 3+ weeks in the intensive care unit). He also witnessed and became an instant proponent of the various government assistance programs that allowed some of the families of his suitemates at the UC Davis Medical Center to have access to the quality of care he believes should be available to all Californians. On his car trip home from the hospital he started crying when an excerpt of a speech by President Bush was playing on NPR and was unable to stop until dad slipped in the U2 CD, and seemed to favor left turns over right ones. While his parents swear he will be able to make his own political choices, if his first 3 weeks are any indication it seems he will help maintain the registration numbers in the state.

After receiving amazing assistance in the intensive care unit S. Willie., mom and dad are glad to finally be at home.

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That kid is a BALLER!!!