Monday, April 24, 2006

Innuendo, Or When Is A Story Not A Story

I have good friends in both camps: Angelides's and Westly's.

I went after one of my Westly friends once
with that whole "so how come your guy went all 'we are the world' with Arnie right after the recall? Wasn't that a bit of an, oh, I dunno, anti-CDP gaffe?"

While I never got back an actual answer to my question, what I did get back was an argument that Westly had contributed boat-loads of cash to the anti-recall campaigns and Angelides had given absolutely no money at all. Look it up, he challenged.

My commitment to in-depth political coverage remains strong, but since I was in Switzerland at the time, I never followed up on it.

I have not yet, however, seen much of a story made out of this. Though, again, Switzerland, etc.

My guess: party bigwigs who had favored and felt the wind in Angelides direction sat on such things and discouraged such talk. Now that the Angelides barometer might be indicating signs of change, the party is just going to remain hushed and act later. Like maybe at the convention. Or not.

Which is why a story in the Capitol Weekly caught my eye this morning: Fiscal official in new committee backing Angelides had role in Davis recall.

Ah, finally, the Westly committee is going to fight the "We Love Arnie" bumper sticker still fixed to their collective bumper by accusing Angelides of the same sort of divided loyalty.

You know, like, -ish.

Because if you read the story - or if you know anything at all about campaign finance management - you know that there are many skilled, professional bookkeepers who take care of the tangle of reporting requirements and get paid well to do it. Nine times out of ten, they don't give a rats ass whose books they're tending to.

So what if the Angelides ministerial staffer had a job with creepy, crier Darrell Issa in the past.

It hardly helps draw a parallel between Angelides and Steve "Look At Me, I Love Arnold!" Westly.

(I'll remind all, I still am not tied to either candidate - I just keep calling it like I see it. And if my Westly friends would like to leave comments with cites and links to the documents showing Angelides made no anti-recall contributions, fine. But I better not find on via a different committee. Because if you can show that Angelides sat on his extensive funds, then that would be a story.)

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