Friday, April 28, 2006

In Other Political Race News: Go Fiona

Seems things in San Francisco's 12th Assembly District race are getting a bit testy. There's the usual late-act filing of ethics violation charges (yawn - Angelides and Westly are doing the same, once again proving the only purpose of the laws, still largely completely indecipherable to most Californians, including attorney-types, is to give people fodder for mailers), and something a bit more interesting.

I'm guessing the fruits of a quick net search for Fiona Ma's name in on various campaign websites yielded a rather incredible result: that she had served as the campaign treasurer for the Republican South Dakota Governor who recently signed that state's abortion ban.

Now, while I'll understand any campaign aide smacking his lips with delight over that succulent bit of oppo, I'd hope any campaign manager might pause long enough to consider how likely it was that San Franciscan, liberal, former Burton staffer, Democrat Fiona Ma worked for some Reep in South Dakota . . . .

Or not. Why not just send out a bunch of press releases and see what happens?

Honestly, kids, that kind of gotcha over-reach only works if it has some kind of tenable connection to reality. This was, as it turns out, a governmental typo, for which the government says “whoops, we goofed, sorry.” Still, that’s a bit too much of a leap before looking, no?

Not that I wouldn’t already vote for Fiona Ma. She’s been a tireless supporter of Emerge and a graceful, energetic, smart, witty, wonderful woman each time I’ve met her. Plus I agree with 99% of her Supes votes – she’s frequently allies with Stag Sean Elsbernd – so if he likes her, you know I’ll like her even more.

Go Fiona.

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