Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Frank Monkeys

Having to do with nothing at all - here's an article on Paul Frank's legal woes. That'd be Paul Frank the man and Paul Frank the company. Guess the dude who banked off a smiley monkey graphic got ousted from his own company and is now wrangling for his fair share and his monkey:

"I'm concerned about the integrity of that character — and all my characters, frankly," said Sunich, who first sketched Julius in an art class in 1995, inspired by a sock puppet made by his grandmother (and named, in part, after a favorite childhood treat, an Orange Julius drink). "I would like more control of how he is represented."
I suppose to mock concern over the integrity of a sock-puppet inspired notebook sketch would go against honoring my legal studies . . .

I like the monkey. I like the giraffe. Not enough to pay ridiculous sums of money for that crap, mind you. I did spend too much on Paul Frank sunglasses once. Not because they were Paul Frank, just because they looked good. They're way too heavy for sunglasses though and routinely fall off my face when I look downward at things.

I have a good male friend who loves the dude and his work - knows him personally, I guess. He wears a lot of Paul Frank which I still maintain is the proper attire for 13 year old girls not licensed attorneys, but whatever.

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