Monday, April 17, 2006

Click, You've Been Surreptitiously Photographed

And by a really bad res camera too.

The Chron looks at the risks posed to privacy by cell phone cameras.

Over here in Europe, cell phone photography seems even more pervasive than back home. They're most often seen in action in museums and galleries that, at least half the time, don't permit photography anyway. At the Louvre, for example, you've got to battle your way through a sea of upraised hands to catch a glimpse of the Mona Lisa (a sea of upraised hands and huddled tourists clutching tatterd Dan Brown tomes, that is). Security guards don't flinch unless your image recorder is camera-shaped.

The article discusses the legal aspects of camera phones. Most anti-invasion of privacy laws won't reach "fetish" shots or many kinds of less-desireable camera phone images. The solutions may be need to be social, not legal.

That seems highly likely in our completely non-litigious society.

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Anonymous said...

I say ban them, they sound almost as evil as that Internet thing.