Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Couric Says She's Leaving 'Today' for CBS

The article mentions Meredith Vieira as a leading candidate to team with Matt Lauer on the Today Show. If that happens, I will never watch it again. She's crap. Anyone listing "The View" on her resume shouldn't be taken seriously.

Including Barbara Walters. Doubly so since she started it.


Anonymous said...

HURRAY! I HATE Katie Couric! She's unwatchable. It's teh most brilliant thing the Today show ever did. ANYONE would be better than her. Ick.

cd said...

You know, even as I wrote this post I was thinking "Roomie B hasn't commented in awhile, but I bet she will on this one."

Woman, hush. You like Good Morning America with that awful Diane Sawyer. ick ick icccckkkkkk.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch the Today Show and haven't seen much of Katie Couric's work, but I haven't escaped being struck by her charisma. I think she could inject some life into the evening news, and increase the viewership of serious news programs especially among women. Wouldn't it be great if more people started watching network nightly news as opposed to local news and morning shows (who cares about car chases anyway?). Also, I can't help but be excited to have the opportunity to watch a woman anchor the nightly news. I haven't watched it in years, but I think I might start again. Go Katie!
--Catherine Hazelton

Anonymous said...

Why to CBS? Why can't she just leave period.

Anonymous said...

It is clear that there is no such things as "network news" when someone who routinely reports on broken fingernails and pop idols is chosen to be an anchor. The networks no longer care about effective or truthful reporting but only care about how the anchor looks and what kind of a following he or she will bring. I have not watched CBS since memogate (or frankly even before that), and will not watch it as Katie makes the big jump, but I am sure it will only take a week or so before she is reporting on Hillary Clinton's spring wardrobe or on the real war in Iraq - who would ever be voted their Iraqi Idol if that show were to venture to that country. This today is true journalism.

Anonymous said...

anon (last anon prior to this comment anon):

clearly, you've never watched the Today show. It's true that, as a morning show, it contains some of the lighter stuff you seem to hate so much, but it also includes news and interviews.

your comment about wardrobes and American idol is foolish and a tad sexist.

Anonymous said...

Anon wrote: I have not watched CBS since memogate (or frankly even before that)

Oh man, I hope you're not saying that "memogate" was this horrible awful debacle. Because the reporting in that case actually was accurate. It's just that the docs weren't exactly original. But no one, NO ONE, ever contested the veracity of the information contained therein.

I used to watch Good Morning America when I was in elementary school, back when it was Charlie Gibson and Joan (B)Lunden (Sac-Town love!) I haven't watched any of those morning shows since then because I discovered NPR (and because school started earlier, I didn't have time to watch them).

CD - Anyone listing "The View" on her resume shouldn't be taken seriously.

I know you're not talking no smack about Lisa Ling. (More Sac-Town love)

Anonymous said...

Katie just has this 'I was cooler than you in high school" air about her that I've never been able to get over. I'm all about being able to watch a woman do the news, but why can't we find someone who hasn't been hoisted above a New York Street dressed like Peter Pan? No matter how many heavy hitters she's interviewed, it's images like that that ruin her cred. Also, as any E! watching, People reading, god fearing American knows, she's mean to her colleagues, and there's just no excuse for that.


Anonymous said...

Can we all just PLEASE rejoice that CBS did not ask Ryan Seacrest to cover the news...he was likely a close second!!!

pamela b said...

I'm excited for Couric, and excited to watch a woman deliver the news. I know there was some commentary about not smiling on phoblographer a few weeks ago, but as a woman who may fall into the camp of smiling too often just because it makes me feel good, I admire her. Perhaps her new gig will help America realize that bright, happy women can also do something smart and strong. Just a thought.