Friday, April 21, 2006


I was just thinking about China this morning while I was at the gym. Normally, of course, I spend my treadmil time cursing the nice folks at Apple for making the video iPod so poorly. Today, though a poster caught my eye and got me thinking about American foreign policy (ah, the nerdiness of it all).

The poster advertised a charity bike race . . . in Cuba.


It still catches me off guard. Like when I saw an ad on a taxi for Sandals beach resorts and among the listed locations was Cuba. Who knew?

Which made me get kinda angry that I can't go to Cuba. I don't even know if I want to go to Cuba. But you know what happens when someone says you can't do something.

And thinking of Cuba - damn communists - makes naturally leads to thoughts of China - damn communists but helluva trading partner. (Gross simplification, yeah, but you try explaining it to your British host family and see how far you get).

Which is why when I got home and read this highly amusing article about the many protocol disasters during the Chinese President's recent White House visit. Again with the questionable issuing of press credentials? Some intern needs to get sacked.

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