Friday, April 21, 2006

Apple Gets A Little Wormy

This case was the subject of my last ever (I hope) academic paper.

The case is frequently shorthanded as a battle for establishing that bloggers enjoy the same rights as more traditional journalists - but that's not really the core issue since the bloggers themselves aren't Apple's primary target. Instead, Apple has gone after the blogger's ISPs to obtain emails revealing their sources. Kinda makes those shiny white stores a bit more ominous, doesn't it.

The lower court punted on the blogger/journalist issue, calling the blogged secrets about Apple program "GarageBand" (oh, the supreme nerdiness of it all - and yet, when the nerds get lawyers, it's harder to make fun of them, isn't it?) trade secrets and applying another set of laws and analyses.

It's an interesting issue and, for law students, an interesting study in civil procedure and jurisprudencec generally.

The bloggers' counsel at the Electronic Frontier Foundation maintain a great site full of information and court documents, if you're interested.

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