Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Wow, So It Wasn't My Imagination

Netflix rage is a well-known problem brought on by the unreasonable absence of little red envelopes in one's mailbox on the days they are expected. Amber has long suffered from Flix rage. I suffered from Flix frustration, but since I canceled my service in anticipation of my impending travels, it never developed the full-blown affliction.

But even as I thought to myself that my DVDs just weren't coming as fast as they were when I first joined Netflix, I never suspected the company was really deviously delaying my DVDs.

But they were.

Color me slow to catch on.

From what I hear, Blockbuster's service has its share of rage-inducing idiocy as well. So what's a girl to do?

I feel stupid for defending Netflix as the not-quite-as-evil-corporate option over Blockbuster. Turns out they're just a bit too biz-savvy for my tastes. I can appreciate that subscribers who are really good at turning around product are bad for the bottom line. But I contracted for unlimited service, not limited unlimited service. Except apparently I did contract for this bullshit discrimination since they revised their terms of service to reflect their crap policy.

Caveat emptor, indeed.

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Anonymous said...

That's why w/ Blockbuster its nice you at least get a couple coupons a month (Possibly 4 now) for free rentals. It sucks being without that movie you want, it sucks a heck of a lot, to be shorted movies over a weekend. The coupons have really helped alleviate the problem. It's a plus.