Monday, March 13, 2006

For Ashlyn

Last week, a 27-year-old jogger was hit in the Presidio by a driver who couldn't be bothered to stop or call 911. Left without oxygen for 10 minutes until found by a park employee, her brain suffered irreversible damage. Had the driver stopped to administer aid or called aid to the scene sooner, she might have lived.

I first heard about the incident from a friend who heard from his friend who was a good friend of Ashlyn Dyer. It is discussed several times on Metroblogging SF as well.

She was my age and was doing what I spent 6 or so months doing last year: enjoying the cities runner-friendly areas. It was an unbelievably unfair end to what was, by all accounts, a wonderfully spirited life of a kind, generous, loving woman.

Her family - who possess more grace at this difficult time than most have at their best times - have set up the Ashlyn Dyer Fund for Neurological Research and Support and also donated her organs so that others might live.

Please donate if you can or at least say a prayer for Ashlyn and her family and friends.

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