Friday, March 03, 2006


Stories like this one, about a planned town in Florida that will be heavy on covenants running with the land, have yet to cease being Bar exam essay fact patterns.

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jvgordon said...

While I wouldn't want to live there, this just strikes me as one of the many, many examples of Americans founding towns intended to showcase certain ideas, achieve utopian-ish goals, etc. The Oneida colony from the 19th century is similar, and Clearwater, Florida (now the home of Scientology) is also not really that different an idea, though it may differ in execution.

Shouldn't people be free to try to do stuff like this voluntarily? As long as they aren't tyring to violate laws in setting up the covenants (as in Shelley v. Kramer), it seems like an acceptable thing to do with one's riches to me. Not that I'd ever want to live there...