Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A broad Blogging

And so today I leave This Land for one Over There. It is a short trip in the greater scheme of things. It is a long trip in American terms. Prospective employers have impliedly dumped it a lapse in common sense. Friends and family have dubbed it a smart seizure of opportunity. I call it one big scary plane ride. I will call it something else once I get there (probably "fun," or, to start, "cold").

If Phoblographer-y things come up while I'm over there, I will post them here. I plan on visiting Parliament and engaging in as much government nerd tourism as possible (you may recall my Fun With US State Capitols adventure last summer. Yes, I am that nerd). Aside from that, things here will be quiet again or still, depending on your definition of quiet since we've gone through finals, the Bar, and Bar recovery over the last several months - none of which is an ideal blogging phase in one's life.

As ever, I appreciate your readership and links tremendously and do hope you don't forget about me.

In the meantime, if you would like to keep up my travels (and really, I'm not sure why you would), drop me an email via the link in the column to your left and I'll hook you up the addy.

Otherwise, have a lovely spring and wish me luck. I'm looking forward to seeing a bit of the world - this time, without my BarBri books in tow.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoy your trip to the UK Christiana, give a call if you need any help or tips on where to go, what to see. Glad you did well in your exams.


Michael Ross