Thursday, February 09, 2006

Um, Yeah, And?

From the Chron:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein's office acknowledged today that a former staff member had edited the California Democrat's entry on the Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia, as well as altered entries about her husband Richard Blum's Chinese investments in 1997.

A former staff member "independently went on to Wikipedia to correct some material he felt was not appropriate," said Feinstein spokesman Howard Gantman. "The senator was not even aware of it."

The changes to the biographies of members of Congress, allegedly by their staffs, have again raised questions about the credibility of the online encyclopedia that has become an authoritative source for millions of Internet users.

The disclosure by Feinstein's office today was the latest admission from a handful of senators' offices that staff members had been beautifying their bosses' biographies on Wikipedia.
Well, for one thing, duh. And for another thing - hey, guys, it's a free internet website where people can add or amend stuff at-will. Caveat Surfer.

As Jack Pitney would urge: Consider the source.

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