Monday, February 06, 2006

The Terrible Twos

In this time of bar-induced inattention to detail, inconsideration of others, and total blog slacking, I let slip past this site's second birthday which should have been celebrated on Friday, February 3.

So we've got two years, 1556 posts, and a fairly respectable amount of traffic - at least considering this whole project started as a "what the hell is a blog anyway" method of self-education. The result has been a body of work of which I am mostly proud - though I'm well-aware there are opinions in there that have changed, that should change, that will change, and that eventually I'll be made to regret ever having committed to pixels. Written records are as disfavored as they are demanded in politics - but here we are.

To those of you have read, linked, commented, or who just blurk out there in the 'sphere: thank you. I'm consistently shocked to learn anyone reads this thing at all. It's been my pleasure as well as a fantastic way to make it through countless hours of class (it's okay Mom, see, I'm graduated now).

In the coming weeks and months I'll still be an absentee blogger as I sit for the bar, recover from sitting for the bar, and do more than my fair share of traveling. And then, I suppose, I should find gainful employment (resume, references available upon request!) For those curious about the bar process, updates on the exam preparation and other navel-gazing posts are available at this site's little brother, Phubar.

Last year, I baked this site a cake. This year, there's little time for baking, but just enough time for photoshopping one, which, if you think about it, is probably more appropriate anyway.

Keep checking back - I may be quiet for awhile, but you know that won't last.

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