Sunday, February 12, 2006

Phubar Jurisdictional Crossover

A story so amusing it's hard to know where to blog it: A teeny LA city that's had the same council forever, votes to cancel elections every 4 years, and may have authorized some highly, highly suspect action against would be candidates.

Amusing. Kinda. But really - does this work?

There are fewer than 60 registered voters in Vernon, and almost all are either city employees or related to a city official. All five council members have served at least 30 years in office.

"It's kind of a fiefdom," said Philip Reavis, 65, a former Vernon Chamber of Commerce president who ran for office in the city's last contested election — in 1980. "This place is a little anomaly that exists, kind of by accident. In the whole state of California, there's nothing like it."

In the 1980 election, as in this year's, Vernon officials sought to disqualify a candidate by evicting him.

By strictly limiting who can live in the city, Vernon officials handpick their constituents, said Roy Ulrich, a lawyer and former Vernon property owner who has clashed with city officials. "They only allow people who are city employees. Anything that smells like residential property, they disallow."
Seriously, though, if you issue spot this article you get: Con Law, Professional Responsibility, Property, more likely than not some torts, Remedies, and eventually there'd be Evidence also. Jackpot!


pamela b said...

But Vernon is bigger than 60 homes, right? I swear I've driven through it.

Anonymous said...

The city is mostly all industrial.