Thursday, February 09, 2006

It's Just A Kids Book About A Monkey

Don't you dare muck up Curious George.

That article makes me weep over all the political correct crap tossed at our fuzzy little friend.

However, I do give the writer credit for making me laugh out loud - sincerely - at the The Man with the Yellow Hat leaving George in the morning when he went to work, "making him just another latchkey money with no discernable supervision."

And this quote from a conservative commentator on the upcoming film's changing TMWYH from a hunter to an archaeologist has to make you pause:

"If we are to carry this perspective of Western man as world exploiter to its ultimate conclusion, isn't it just as offensive for the Man in the Yellow Hat to be an archaeologist despoiling the material culture of spiritually enlightened primitives? After all, isn't it inherently worse to take someone else's property than some monkey that doesn't even belong to anyone?"
Um, well, crap, I can't even answer that . . .

As for other cinematic liberties:

Sending George to jail "just raised too many questions," O'Callaghan said. "Why would you send a monkey off to a human jail with other humans? In the '40s that was probably OK, but not now. It would involve too much explaining."
No, I think it kids then, and today, just kinda went with it. If we want to ride the literal pony here, the movie also depicts a cartoon monkey running around in, like, the world. That doesn't require explaining?

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