Monday, February 06, 2006

History Lessons

Today's SF Chronicle read poll asks the question, "Do you sympathize with Muslims over the Danish cartoons?"

The answer options are:

-Yes, drawings a slap to their religion
-No, satire is part of the modern wold
-Protest peacefully only, please.

The "No" option is winning easily with 76% of the vote.

I have to object to that answer choice however.

"Satire is part of the modern world?" Well, yes, if you define "modern" as post-Lucy era. If modern is everything after man invented spoken and written language.

Satire isn't new, guys. I know, I know, people didn't notice it until Jon Stewart took over the Daily Show, but even before Craig Kilborn, I assure you, satire existed.

I'm betting even in Islamic societies.

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