Friday, February 17, 2006

96-ish Hours

Until I begin to end the Bar experience.

Take out 32 hours for sleep (as if I get a solid 8), leaving 64.

Take out another 8 hours for miscellaneous tasks (like showering and eating) = 56.

Take out another 4 for the amount of time I'd really like to spend - at a minimum - in the gym between now and then = 52.

Take out 6 for packing, preparing, and driving to Sacramento, as well as checking in and going grocery shopping = 46.

Take out 2 for panicked phone calls to my parents, my boyfriend, my best friend, and my bar-passing friends = 44.

Divide 44 hours by 12 subjects = 3:40min/subject of hard cramming time.

And now the number manipulation:
Subtract another 9 hours from sleep allocation and divide them by remaining practice pefromance tests.

Subtract 1 hour from gym time to contemplate whether or not more MBEs at this point are helpful or hurtful and end hour deciding hurtful and move on.

So there you have it. Life planned to the hour. And I'm already 10 minutes behind schedule.

And by the way: it's a 176.5-ish hours until the fun actually starts.


Anonymous said...

Good luck! I know you can do it!

Feel free to call if you need anything.

Heather said...

Go Pho!! Good luck. You're going to kick ass and take names.

Anonymous said...


Don't talk to anyone about the substantive portions of the exam (especially fellow exam takers).

They will make you second guess what you did and what is behind you already and diverty focus of what stands in front of you.

Good luck and may the schwartz be with you.

Rocky Fernandez said...

Good luck! You're so organized...

Anonymous said...

thanks rocky - i'm really hoping that's what the graders will say as well.

redneck muppet said...

where do i send my retainer?