Thursday, January 05, 2006

You Know, I Was Wondering How He'd Keep Busy

Ah, Ted Costa.

You give me so much to gripe about - yet, at the risk of losing all that great material, I'm still going to ask that you keep your mitts off redistricting reform.

Dammit - too late, I see.

Here's the strange bedfellows list of people re-grouping to work on yet another redistricting reformation proposal:

Spearheading the campaign are People's Advocate, Mobilizing America's Youth, California Public Interest Research Group, Committee for an Independent Voice, Mexican American Political Association and, a political watchdog group.
On the bright side, this probably means I haven't missed my chance to work "Wigglesworth" into a post.

In fact - let's go ahead and work it in here - well, for the second time, I suppose.

Dear Ned Wigglesworth - You're letting Ted Costa in on this? Seriously, dude, tape his mouth shut and sit him in a corner. And please, whatever you do - don't make him the one in charge of either proof-reading or delivery of important documents.

So what's this new plan look like?

Cressman and David B. Smith, executive director of Mobilizing America's Youth, described the initiative as follows:

Formation of the commission would begin with random invitations sent to thousands of voters. If interested, they would fill out a questionnaire to determine eligibility.

Voters could not serve on the redistricting panel if they are registered lobbyists or have held partisan office, among other criteria.

The applicant pool would be winnowed randomly to about 100 names. Four legislative leaders from both major parties could then eliminate up to 10 people each from the list.

From the finalists, the panel's members would be selected randomly, provided that certain criteria are met, including geographic diversity and representation by Democrats, Republicans, and independent or minor-party voters.
Wow! Just like jury duty! And you know how much people love THAT! We're sure to find some dedicated, deliberate folks from the pool comprised of the 10 people who actually want to serve and the millions who appreciate that this is much easier to escape than jury duty. They'll sign up in droves.

Oh, and guys, having a provision where "[i]f voters reject the proposed boundaries, a new panel would be chosen and the deliberation process would begin anew?" Really? We want to keep that part of Prop. 77?

Does representation mean nothing to you people.

Okay, okay, I'll do the long awaiting, long procrastinated model redistricting reform proposal analysis and commentary very soon. No really this time.

Then I'll find $10m and put it or something closer to it on the ballot.


Anonymous said...

I wasn't even that confident in judges being able to handle the technical difficulties of redistricting. Now someone thinks randomly selected voters can do it?

The only way that will work is if they are an oversight board to pick people who actually know how to do redistricting and oversee the result. Because there's no way randomly selected people will be able to comply with a quarter century of reapportionment case law and the difficulties of matching districts to those requirements.

Anonymous said...

Random selection process...blech. Submitting the plan to the voters...double blech!

Anonymous said...

I am still picturing millions of people waiting anxiously by their mailboxes for the invitation to serve on the committee. Sounds like a scene from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" (The original, not the Tim Burton version).

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