Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Who Learns What From This?

So, 'Abramoff Pleads to Fraud in Florida' and we can safely assume he'll get leniency in exchange for singing like a wee little birdy.

There are, so far as I can tell, zero redeeming lessons here for the kids. Yes, fraud is bad and should be prosecuted. And all the other bad people should get what they deserve too. Just more proof that there's no honor among thieves, right?

Oddly enough, it's almost extra insulting that he gets a bit of consideration for just selling out all the way - or at least in a different way. God forbid he pay fully for his own sins.

Then again, I hear all your counterarguments too. Everyone who can get nabbed in this, should get nabbed. But do you see my point?

It all stinks like a dirty birdcage.

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pamela b said...

One simple lesson: don't dress like a member of the mafia when you're going to court.