Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Special Phoblog Pull-Out Section

Long ago - even before the Daily Show's heyday - Comedy Central covered the State of the Union address by having scrolling, satirical commentary on the bottom of the screen and commentary before and after the speech - proving themselves ahead of even their own time. It was a great way to watch the event. Sadly, they haven't done it in years, though it foreshadowed their eventual position as one of the most socially responsible channels on the air.

Following that tradition of making speeches that would be fun to wonks anyway fun for the rest of the world - and even funner to wonks - here's your New Year's treat:

The 2006 State of the State Bingo Game!

Yes, kids, we're bringing some fun home, right here in California for our own State of the State Address. Union-schmoonion.

Simply download the template above, print your own, and form you own variations with just a few minutes of cutting & pasting! Suitable for speech watching parties; late nights in the office with your fellow staff; works as a virtual no-doze for press covering the speech; bonus points if you photograph yourself WITH the game IN the Assembly chamber tomorrow night!

For interns and fellows with WAY too much free time tomorrow, we suggest using members' head shots, pictures of the California Supreme Court Justices, and members of the Exec Branch to make an I-Spy Game. A fun Fellow variation: first one to spot the most Fellow-bosses wins! The possibilities are endless!

Happy playing!

Okay, okay: Y'all were such good readers in 2005, here's a bonus Bingo Card to show how much I care.


Debra Bowen said...

Nice work! I haven't had a good buzzword bingo card since the energy crisis. But "reform" should be a gimme, don't you think?

cd said...

True, true - there are probably many gimmies in the game - especially in card one, but it will still be fun.

And I didn't want the game to be too distracting - I know staffers have to pay close attention to these things. ;)

pamela b said...

I saw you mentioned in The Roundup today! and my boss saw you too. Very fancy. You know, if you can get someone to pay you to blog...

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