Sunday, January 08, 2006

Roots? What Roots?

The Chron's Lynda Gledhill looks at Schwarzenegger's past two weeks of shop talk and says that his spending proposals have some wondering if he's turned his back on his roots as a fiscal conservative.

His roots as a fiscal conservative? Roots? What roots? I thought his roots were as a professional, juiced-up body builder? An action movie star?

His political roots, as I recall, involved championing Prop 49 - which, if memory serves was a spending proposal for after school programs.

Schwarzenegger, for those inattentive types, is a human pendulum capable only of swinging wildly out of control at the first hint of a breeze. His newest round of ideas prove that, don't they?

And people kicked Davis out for what, exactly, again?


Anonymous said...

I doubt he will win the Republican primary. The reeps I know who voted for him during the recall, did so while holding their noses. I know I did - even as I voted against the recall.

Please God, there must be a better - real - Republican candidate out there!

Just remember though - a lot of Dems voted for him too.

As for his "roots" - his only so-called reep street cred was that he was supposed to be a fiscal conservative. But you are right about 49 -- the writing was on the walls. Sadly, most reeps don't even understand what fiscal conservatism means any more. there's a lot about W that I like -his understanding of fiscal conservatism is not one of those things.

OAFFER said...

I can resist but reply to this, because you have hit on a subject I've written on a couple of times. The first, the Governor’s “fiscal conservatism”; and the second the Governor’s philosophy or lack thereof.

Those who are "shocked" by erratic shifts by Governor Schwarzenegger have not been paying attention.