Monday, January 02, 2006

Phoblog Science Report: Of Coconuts and Octpuses

According to a rather fun top-100 list, scientists this year discovered that when faced with danger, an octopus can wrap six of its legs around its head to disguise itself as a fallen coconut shell and escape by walking backwards on the other two legs.

Now -

The octopus is one of the smartest, most dexterous animals in all the world. However, I question whether it's really trying to look like a fallen coconut shell. Do they learn of this via word of, uh, beak? It's a smart mollusk, but it's still a mollusk (oh yeah, mollusk) and I'm guessing local octopuses have never even seen a coconut.

Yeah, yeah, I get what they probably mean, but still . . .

And Presenting The First Found Naughty Joke Of 2006 - this one writes itself and is from the same list linked above:

67. Giant squid eat each other - especially during sex.


We're nothing if we aren't classy.

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Octopi are scary: