Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year, New Blog

Kids, meet Phubar:

Phubar is a blawg. Yes, I've resisted the blawg label on Phoblog for quite sometime - and Phoblog still isn't a blawg. But now that I'm preparing for the bar, I need somewhere to bitch about BarBri and share its endless stream of amusing anecdotes. As reluctant as I am to do so, I need to embrace my inner law nerd right now. Phubar seems like the best way to make sure that I don't abandon my commitment to writing altogether.

So, navigate on over if you're curious. Don't visit, however, if navel-gazing turns you off. I hate it and don't want it on this blog any more than necessary (hence giving it its own space over there).

I'll do my best to ensure that this site doesn't suffer. But if things get quiet here, it will be because the Phubar-ed side of things has me, well, phubar-ed.

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pamela b said...

There's nothing wrong with a little personal expression! I can get the news anywhere, but I like to read your blog because I'm curious about what's going on in your brilliant life.