Tuesday, January 31, 2006

For God 's Sake John, Sit Down

F*ck decorum. Nancy Pelosi, why do you stand when the President spins his lies, condemns the world to further violence, uses the good name of our country on this misguided crusade?

E tu, John Kerry and DiFi? Charles Rangel is sitting down. He doesn't stand for tired, meaningless rhetoric, why do you?

Seriously, Democrats, you're the Congressional equivalent of the USC cheerleader - didn't you notice you's saluting the other team's touchdown?

I understand you're probably licking your self-inflicted wounds today, having let slip past you a nominee for the Supreme Court nearly unaimously opposed by your constituent party members. Were you afraid they'd take the filibuster away? What, pray tell, are you saving it for? They needn't take it away from you, you've taken it from yourselves.

What are we learning tonight besides that pink is the new red power suit and we applaud Washington abandoning all oversight over military actions carried out in our name overseas?

Dear Democratic Members of Congress, sit your asses down and stand from something.


OAFFER said...

How 'bout enough decorum that all members sit down! I am sick and tired of these addresses becoming moments for expressing approval or disapproval by clapping, standing, cheering and booing.

I would be really happy if MCs would just sit and respectfully listen like polite adults. It's a speech not a flippin' sporting event!

For that matter, I wish California would take a page from the state of the union format and stop acting so darn pedestrian. It drives me nuts to listen to introductions that are speeches at the state of the state (who gives a darn about Bustamantes diet????). For goodness sake, just have the Speaker of the Assembly simply introduce the Governor... "Ladies and gentleman, it is my honor to present the Governor of California."

Then, sit down and listen respectfully!

Lou Delgado said...

Agreed, the Dem lawmakers, in the main, acted like Arsenio Hall's Dog Pound last night when Bush talked about US foreign policy.

Bush and his brain (Cheney/Rove) got us into the Iraq mess.

It's a shame!