Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Early Contender For Quote Of The Year

Also via the Roundup, an article about a nifty little aircraft leaseback tax shelter:

Despite claims by Schwarzenegger's top advisers during a 2003 campaign briefing that the actor's investments included 'no tax shelters' and were 'absolutely not tax-driven,' a Bee examination of his company's 747 deal shows his company took advantage of what experts say is one of the most attractive tax sheltering devices available to the super wealthy.
And what does the Gov have to say in response?

"'If someone wants to call it a tax shelter, fine, but I disagree,' [Schwarzenegger spokesman Rob] Stutzman said. 'Either way, it's perfectly legal. So what?'"

Sigh - sometimes it all just writes itself.

And in other writes-itself news:

I'm a lazy blogger now - so I'm going to keep cutting & pasting this post together.

Meanwhile, the Bee's Jim Sanders reports that many of the bills that failed last year will be back for another look in the legislative session returning this week. Among those Sanders lists are Jackie Goldberg's mascot bill (5 tries), Joe Simitian's cell phone while driving bill (4 tries) and, of course, Gil Cedillo's immigrant driver's license bill (7 tries).

"'We do it much too often and I think it gives people the feeling that, 'No is not good enough for you,'' said Assemblyman Rick Keene, R-Chico."

"'I think timing is everything in life and in politics,' said Simitian, D-Palo Alto. 'There are certainly times when a very worthy idea just needs another hearing. It may be ahead of its time.'"
You mean I get ANOTHER chance to mock Jackie Goldberg's mascot bill? And they say Christmas comes but once a year. . . .

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