Thursday, December 01, 2005

Rounding Up The Let Down

Just read the Roundup this morning and you'll be completely not at all shocked at the amount of Republican hand-wrining over the Kennedy appointment. And can you blame them?

I suppose the reason why the blue blogs and big Dems aren't reacting is because, well, they don't have to.

The best quote of the morning is from California Political News and Views's Steve Frank who dismisses the idea that Republicans will need to field a challenger because . . . well, clearly Schwarzenegger isn't planning on running again. It's the "we fixed the glitch" school of personnel management.

The first name to pop up: duh - Tom "Last Living Republican" McClintock.

Seems we'll finally get proof of the commonly held theory that had Schwarzenegger facecd a primary race, he'd be shopping T4 right now.

Actually, I have to give the best quote - er, paraphrase - award to former Governor Gray Davis for congratulating Schwarzenegger for choosing Kennedy. Man, that's rich. That's gotta feel good.


Slob Rutzman said...

The Big Guy "Jumped the Couch" with this one.

The lasted effect of the China Trip is how it will continue to skew the Big Guy's decision making ability.

CA isn't China. The people don'love him here.

Anonymous said...

It's very vindicating to watch this guy f everything up and then call the old guard back to fix it. Those who were in and around GGD's horseshoe knew that Susan Kennedy was very much in crontrol. She's brilliant and very dedicated. It may be the first smart thing Arnie's done.

Just one more reason why we didn't need a recall and another reminder of how arrogant, irresponsible, and wasteful this administration can be.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Gray Davis is doing these days. I'm actually kinda surprised some media people still have him in their rolodex.

Anonymous said...

You have to wonder what the conversation will be at Governor's Davis' Offical Portrait unveiling next week at teh Capitol.

Anonymous said...

Jumped the couch, eh?

I think we could stick with jumping the shark considering who we're talking about. Not like this whole damn thing hasn't been one failed screenplay. Should never have been greenlighted . . . .

Why wouldn't the media have Davis's number? He didn't die. He's certainly a relevant person to comment on the debate. He was still elected governor twice - which might be more than Arnold can ever say.

pamela b said...

I want to be excited about this, but I'm not. I think I'm losing my ability to be excited about purely partisan victories. I only hope that Susan Kennedy will wield the same power that she once did and that her leadership will help build a stronger California.

Hey cd, what do you think about the fear that appointing S.K. is part of an evil scheme to do...I don't know what exactly. But I've already heard people claim that G.S. is up to something. Thoughts?