Sunday, December 11, 2005

I'll Need A Mastercard Alright

All values approximated - but pretty damn close:

Three years of law school: $90,000
First-year bar registration: $90
MPRE: $60
Down payments on PMBR and BarBri: $200
Balance of PMBR course: $500
Balance of BarBri course: $3000
Moral Character Application Fee: $382
Bar exam registration fee: $561
Various Bar membership fees: $800
Value of the life you would have had, traded in for soul-sucking 110 hour work-weeks required to pay-off debt incurred so you could go to school to learn to "help people" or some-such Hallmark bullshit: priceless

As if law school wasn't a sufficient enough barrier to entry - the more I learn about what I'll be bled for in the coming months, the more it becomes clear that prospective law students should be pretty f*cking sure this is what they want to do. Because let me tell you, I'm not sure what makes it all worthwhile.

But pay no attention to the girl in the midst of finals. I'm sure I'll cognitive dissonance myself right out of this funk. I'm only a BMW away from happiness, after all.


Robin said...

Ha hahahaha -- BIG fan of 'cognitive dissonance' in the verb form!

But wait -- is there seriously a Moral Character Application? What can that even possibly BE?

cd said...

Yeah, I know - insert obvious jokes here.

The fact that they require such highway robbery should be ruled - in and of itself - immoral - or at least amoral enough to make it optional. But no. Background check, fingerprints, disclosure of past felonies, expulsions for cheating, etc.

And there's a ethics exam everyone has to pass as well.

Anecdotally: for my film & the law class (feel free to make fun of that too - though it has interesting points as well) i'm working on a paper on the film "Shattered Glass" about Stephen Glass who was revealed to have fabricated his stories at the New Republic in the late 90s. Jayson Blair's inspiration, apparently.

So, get this - at the time he was attending night classes at Georgetown Law. He's passed the New York State bar exam but they haven't approved his moral character app yet. Ya think!?!?!? I can't believe G-town would even give the kid a J.D. I mean, hello, lying-related crimes are pretty much the worst of the worst. How can there even be a question for this kid?

Anyway. Rant over.

Well, temporarily suspended in favor of more quality time with the federal rules of evidence.

The thing to keep in mind with the moral character app and the ethics exam is that they don't test whether you are moral or ethical. Rather, they ensure you are moral or ethical enough . . . .

Anonymous said...

My dad passed the moral character exam so you should be golden!!! Daddy issues!!

Anonymous said...

That CD is fried gold. Fried Gold I tell you.

Anonymous said...

aw, go on . .

you're fried gold!