Monday, December 12, 2005

Gov Denies Clemency,

In a lose-lose situation, Governor Schwarzenegger's actions were limited - but he has denied clemency for Stanley Williams.

Depending on your views, this is sad. But it is also sad because I can't get past the first few paragraphs of the Governor's statement without the urge to discuss under which rules and in what cases his statements about why he shot a store owner would be admissible in federal court.

But at least that final is over now.


Anonymous said...

I think the most interesting element of this episode is that Westley supported the Gov's decision and Angelides stayed silent -- when's the last time he did that?

(And I'm told Angelides on the record supporting the death penalty.)

cd said...

I once heard it that anti-death penalty democrats don't get elected.

dunno if that's still true. not that we seem to have a chance to test that theory.

And is it at all surprising that Westly agreed with Schwarzenegger? Isn't that his M.O.?