Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Entertainment Commentary

Either about or for-your, I suppose.

After watching a movie, I like to check out the trivia, etc over at the Internet Movie Database, like for the film Spanglish, that I watched last week.

As you can see from clicking above, the first trivia item is that the teenage actress playing Adam Sandler's daughter gained 15 pounds for the role. There's a certain irony there, given that the character in the film has an implied weight problem, or at least her mom has a problem with her weight.

What gets me, though, is that they had to find an actress and fatten her up for the part. Like Renée Zellweger in Bridget Jones, Minnie Driver in Circle of Friends, and Toni Collette in Muriel's Wedding.

So, riddle me this: a lot of groups in Hollywood have successfully lobbied to have characters played by group members. No more painted white actors as Native Americans, deaf people play deaf characters, etc.

You know there are size 10 actresses out there who can't catch a break (let alone size 12 or over actresses). Why can't one of them get cast? It's okay to like Bridget Jones because she's, wink wink, not really fat at all. How impressive! I'm not saying we should hate on the pretty girls - but I refuse to believe there aren't spectacularly talented actresses in Hollywood who aren't afraid to hit Tito's every once in a while or who just refuse to risk later bone damage by keeping their body fat percentage in the low single digits.

What gives?

And what the hell does it say to the kid who played the Spanglish-character. Did her contract come with a rider for a trainer?


Amber said...

Possible explanation: because the skinny actresses you mentioned have been able to catch a break in Hollywood, they have more experience and better resumes. Hollywood prefers known quantities to unknown curvy ingenues.

Anonymous said...

True, but the same thing went for all the other uncast groups.

And usually, slightly bigger actresses do have experience - either on stage or in supportng roles.

I have to think there are a few proven quantities out there.

And the girl at issues here - Spanglish was her first film.

Anonymous said...

Remember the good old days of Marilyn Monroe (size 14 - todays 10 or 12), et al, when a curvy figure was considered a good thing - and by curvy I mean naturally curvy, not silicone induced curves. Those women were gorgeous, and sexy - and they wore girdles for reals (not like bridget jones). Today, they call someone like Catharine Zeta Jones "full-figured." good grief.

Anonymous said...

Ah, full-figured. Isn't that just the best expression ever.

Anonymous said...

Ditto this blog for accents. Sure, some of the actors do a good job, but I've watched movies with Irish actors putting on English accents and English actors attempting NY accents. Yes, this is probably defined as 'acting', but I'd be more convinced by a genuine accent (and I really think there are a few around). Otherwise perhaps there is work out there for me and my really rather appalling southern accent...